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Gina S.

Raritan Valley YMCA

The Raritan Valley YMCA is committed to building strong kids, strong families and strong communities throughout our area. It is a charitable, not for profit organization that welcomes all people regardless of age, race, religion, or economic status and strives to enrich each and every life throu...
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What did Gina need?

I'd like to expand our membership base by training staff and volunteers how so that we can better serve our community.

Gina was very open to new perspectives and allowed me to speak freely despite the fact that she clearly understood the complexities of the challenges at YMCA much better than i could have. It was a pleasure and i hope it helps the team somewhat , thanks.
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Sunil K.


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Oct 11, 2016


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Sunil K.


My Consulting, Coaching and Capability Building skills are built upon a strong foundation of Cross Sector, Cross Functional experience with global leaders, combining powerfully to create Leadership and Organizational Solutions that help you build a truly winning momentum in your real world. With ...
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What did Sunil have to offer?

leadership development and coaching are central pillars in my work, and i'll be happy to help a credible and purposeful movement like YMCA.

Sunil has a vast amount of professional experience and it was great to gain new perspectives. Having an outsider weigh in really helps one to view challenges and tasks in a different way.
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Gina S.

Volunteer Manager

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