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hilary b.

Dare to Innovate

The mission of Dare to Innovate is to create a community of socially-minded individuals and entrepreneurs that fosters the exchange of ideas, knowledge and resources, catalyzing and promoting the social entrepreneurship movement in West Africa.

What did hilary need?

Dare to Innovate is a youth-led movement to end unemployment in West Africa. Since 2013, we've catalyzed the creation of 28 businesses by the hands of 78 youth. Our organizational identity is strong, but our visual identity needs a bit of work. We're looking for a fun, engaged, savvy designer to help us redefine our logo and think through our visual brand identity. Your help will ignite our flame to continue powering forward under a logo that matches our mission.

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Oct 11, 2016


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Alayna P.


I'm a graphic designer who especially loves logos and branding. I'm motivated by the incredible people in my life, find inspiration in the beauty of nature, and am always ready to laugh.

What did Alayna have to offer?

Youth are natural innovators and I think it's an awesome idea to provide them with the tools to succeed as entrepreneurs! I've worked directly with clients on brand and logo development.

Layne had a great eye for design and was very fast in iterating our logo concepts! Also, a true pleasure to work with.
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hilary b.

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