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Jay L.

Tunapanda Institute

Tunapanda Institute spreads dignity through training young people in East Africa for professional careers and creative self-expression, specializing in fields related to technology, design, and business.

What did Jay need?

We are telling a complex story around a clear mission and need a good infographic to help take us to the next level. By 2050, nearly half (40%) of the world's children will be in Africa as will a large percentage of the working-age population. With a shortage of teachers and lack of ready pipelines for jobs, different models of learning that provide value for a range of stakeholders need to be deployed. East Africa is the perfect place to start, and the young people here are ready to have an impact here and globally.

It was a great experience to work with Tunapanda Institute, especially because I could be part of this innovative education model that's been taking shape and replicated in Africa, helping communities to learn very important skills to succeed nowadays. I worked directly with Jay, one of the found...
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Lucas D.


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Oct 9, 2016


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Lucas D.


Hi, my name is Lucas. I was born and raised in Brasilia, Brazil and lived there for 19 years. Studied two years of Control and Automation Engineering there, then I went to Los Angeles on 2015 to do a scholarship exchange program at USC, focusing on Biomedical Engineering but currently I'm living ...
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What did Lucas have to offer?

I want to be part of this because seeing lives transformed is a wonderful thing to me, even better when I can be involved in the transformation, when I can be one of the instruments for it to happen. And I believe Tunapanda is for sure changing lives, it's playing a big role in Kenya bringing education, one of the major needs in Africa nowadays. Since I've worked with Photoshop, Illustrator, Corel Draw and others for about 5 years doing all kinds of work related to graphics and digital design, I'm pretty sure I qualify for this project.

Lucas is a great volunteer with a good heart, strong communication skills, and a solid work ethic. He was professional and open about his strengths and the skills he is working on. It was a pleasure working with him, and we strongly recommend him!
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Jay L.

Volunteer Manager


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