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Emilie S.

Grassroots Wildlife Conservation

Preserving Living Treasures in Our Backyard

What did Emilie need?

We had a website designed for us in 2013, but it is not mobile compatible nor does it use responsive design. As a result, the website looks odd on certain screen sizes, and is barely usable on mobile phones. Button and drop-down menus are very difficult to click since they appear so small on phone screens. Having a mobile-friendly website would allow us to reach a greater audience, and make it much more likely that donors visiting our website while on-the-go will actually click through and donate.

I enjoyed working with Emilie and hope she continues to keep me updated about the prototype. I will be available if she would like me to make any additional changes or update the invision with any iterations from tests.
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Amelia W.


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Oct 6, 2016


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Amelia W.


I'm a designer, illustrator, and maker living in Manhattan, NYC. As a creative, I'm a designer from Parsons School of Design, focusing in graphic, product, and UX/UI. I have a vision and was strongly inspired by Monica Wellington's Children's Book Illustration class at School of Visual Art...
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What did Amelia have to offer?

I'm interested in the Grassroots Wildlife Organization because I believe in animal preservation strongly. I took an animal law class in law school and often travel around the country visiting animal sanctuaries. I have experience prototyping various sites and have focused mostly on mobile first.


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