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Emilie S.

Grassroots Wildlife Conservation

Preserving Living Treasures in Our Backyard

What did Emilie need?

As a small but quickly growing non-profit, we want to ensure that our website is attractive to potential donors, fits the needs of our organization, and adequately communicates our mission and projects. We would love to have an outside perspective on the content, layout, and performance of our website.

I had a great experience working with Grassroots Wildlife Conservation. Emilie was very responsive and eager to answer all of my questions in order to keep the project on track. Overall, it was a pleasure to work with Grassroots Wildlife Conservation and I look forward to the positive changes th...
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Crystal C.


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Oct 5, 2016


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Crystal C.


Hi, I'm Crystal! I'm a web developer turned UX/product designer. I studied computer science in school and I've worked as a software engineer and web developer before deciding to pursue a more creative role within design. As I build up my design chops, I'd like to give back by offering my techn...
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What did Crystal have to offer?

I think there's a lot we can do on a local level to help our wildlife neighbors so I respect the work your organization is doing in MA. With my skill set, I think I'd be able to help your organization and would be thrilled to contribute! I have 2+ years experience working in enterprise software creating solutions optimized for web and mobile.

Crystal was incredibly helpful to our project. I was impressed by her professionalism, attention to detail, and communication skills. She created a completion timeline and provided us with results within that timeline. I highly recommend Crystal.
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Emilie S.

Volunteer Manager


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