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Dana S.

Ancestors unKnown

Ancestors unKnown is a nonprofit organization with a mission to inspire the academic and personal success of young people by introducing them to their unknown ancestors

What did Dana need?

The quality and effectiveness of an organization's website is absolutely critical. Although our website has met basic needs, it's not attracting much of an audience or any sales. With intentions of increasing income, impact and influence, our website could use an overhaul. We'd like to create a user experience that is persuasive, emotionally compelling and visually appealing.

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Oct 11, 2016


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Rachel L.


I am passionate about human-centered design because I am able to combine my roots in research with my love for creating fun, delightful, and impressionable experiences for users whether it’s on the web, a tablet, or mobile. I love to challenge myself with a wide breadth of projects, and am insati...
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What did Rachel have to offer?

I'm interested in this cause because as a minority woman, I think that it is incredibly important to be familiar with and connected to your roots. It makes me incredibly sad to think that I wasn't always like this and that all I wanted was to blend in. Getting to know your ancestors and learning about their lives, their struggles, and all that they've overcome can help drive your desire to succeed and to make them proud. Which is why I would love to help an organization that is trying to do just that. I’ve worked on many different product: mobile, tablet, and web. My products are easy to navigate, easy to navigate, well balanced, and aesthetically pleasing. I'm a very collaborative and quantitative designer. I base my design decisions on research in collaboration with a team.


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