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Amelia P.


SOMO is the root of a Swahili word meaning "lesson". We are called SOMO because we all have lessons to learn from each other. Visionary entrepreneurs exist in informal settlements around the world. SOMO identifies, trains, funds, and mentors entrepreneurs looking to drive social change by buil...
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What did Amelia need?

Somo is in the process of scaling-up our entrepreneurial program around Nairobi. In order to do this we need a thorough strategic plan of our process over the next 12 months.

Working on The Somo Project's SWOT Analysis and Strategic Plan was a truly rewarding experience. I really enjoyed learning about this great organization, and working with Amelia was an absolute pleasure.
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Shelby M.


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Oct 6, 2016


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Shelby M.


I am an experienced marketing manager who specializes in digital marketing strategy. I help businesses choose the right media and messaging to meet their business objectives, whether it be search, display, mobile, or social.

What did Shelby have to offer?

This organization's mission speaks to me. I am currently volunteering at a homeless shelter because I felt the need to do something about poverty and homelessness in my community. I love that The Somo Project seeks to empower people in high-poverty areas to become entrepreneurs and invest in their own communities. I have prepared SWOT analyses in past positions at Virgin Entertainment and Chipotle Mexican Grill, and I have worked on countless marketing plans as a Digital Account Manager for over eight years. I am very thorough and detail-oriented, so I promise I will do my due diligence before tackling the project.

It was great working with Shelby! She worked extremely hard to help us both evaluate our current program and put together an expansion plan for 2017. Went above and beyond project description!
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Amelia P.

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