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What did Arleen need?

BOC Capital is a CDFI that has been experiencing exponential growth in the number and amount of loans in the past few years. We need a website that adequately represents the organization and attracts new clients and engages existing clients.

BOC Capital Corp is a great organization in the process of expanding their network. Their work impacts a lot of their community and should be considered for future volunteer work.
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Eric A.


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Oct 7, 2016


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Eric A.


I'm a management and IT consultant, currently supporting a digital product management team for a large e-commerce website. I help shape customer experiences by utilizing best practices for design and technology, and interface with agile development teams to realize those experiences. I also su...
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What did Eric have to offer?

I would like to continue to support under-developed and growing communities, whether it be for health, education, financial, or any other human service. This challenge is right in-line with a project that I just wrapped up a week ago for a non-profit, so the process is fresh in my mind. I would really like to help you grow and improve your customer's digital experience. You have what seems like a great product, and it can only get better! I would also like this opportunity to grow my career and move more into social cause organizations and projects. I have 2 years of experience in the digital product management space for a large, e-commerce website, and I am required to analyze site metrics, user research, and emerging products to help guide my clients decisions to take a new product into the requirements stage. I also have 7 years of complex IT systems experience that I bring to the table. My background is in UX/ HCI, and I have recent experience in auditing a non-profit website and providing strategic recommendations to that organization. I led the client engagement, user research, and data analysis for that project.

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