See how Lianne's skills helped Spark MicroGrants on a Data Crunching & Analytics project.

Cari Beth H.

Spark MicroGrants

Spark MicroGrants partners with rural poor communities to catalyze locally-led impact projects.

What did Cari need?

The success of our organization depends on our ability to collect and learn from our data. Without your help, we cannot meet our goals as both a learning and doing organization. Your skills will empower us to adapt our work to better serve communities.

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Oct 8, 2016


Lianne S.


I am a top class Psychology graduate with two years experience as an Analyst within the Scottish National Health Service. I enjoy working with data, particularly data dissemination and have a wealth of experience in the collecting, collating and analyzing large and complex data sets. I am seeking...
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What did Lianne have to offer?

The information that data analysis provides can be pivotal at making good decisions. After seeing the benefits of this at a national level I am eager to assist with projects in third world countries and see the beneficial changes my work can have to people that really need it. Your organisation is appealing to me because you recruit individuals from the towns and countries where the work is undergoing rather than relying solely on outside help. This I feel is the correct approach for charities as it will ensure long term benefits. I would love to get involved! Data collection and statistical analysis were key components to both my degree and research assistant position. Furthermore, my current position has substantially enhanced my analytical knowledge and skills granting me considerable experience extracting, manipulating and presenting complex data using a variety of the latest BI tools. A large part of my role is to produce bespoke analysis for a variety of customers and therefore I will be able to pre-empt any constraints or data quality issues that could impact the end result of this project and will excel at presenting data in a clear and easily understandable way.

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