See how Brian's skills helped LOVE, HALLIE on a Brand Messaging project.

Ted G.


LOVE, HALLIE’s mission is to increase empathy in young people and help them improve their communities and the world. LOVE, HALLIE believes young people are natural philanthropists with the energy, optimism, compassion, and the skills to make a difference on causes that matter to them.

What did Ted need?

Founded in 2004, LOVE, HALLIE spent years building an organization with a brand based in the belief that young people have the skills, optimism and drive to make a positive difference. Following numerous successful youth-led campaigns, including work with Oprah and Nelson Mandela, LH is introducing an ambitious new initiative, A Better World. LH is in an exciting moment, possessing both the energy of a start-up and the credibility of a strong legacy. Effective brand messaging is critical to seizing this moment and engaging our past supporters, new donors and volunteers, and most importantly, youth activists.

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Oct 11, 2016


Brian N.


As a Creative Director (copy)/Brand Strategist/Communications Consultant with 15+ years of experience, I'm responsible for helping a wide variety of business-to-business and business-to-consumer clients establish a marketing strategy, create a plan to achieve their objectives, determine the best ...
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What did Brian have to offer?

Because I believe in giving back, and this seems like a wonderful opportunity to do so. I have 20 years of experience in advertising and brand building covering every medium.


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