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Tambra S.

Women Advancing Nutrition Dietetics and Agriculture

To develop a new generation of women and girls to lead the food system from farm to fork in Africa and the Diaspora. When we empower women and girls, we nourish the world. - Tambra Raye Stevenson

What did Tambra need?

We would like to talk about creating an online learning platform for girls to make on African food/nutrition. Can you help think of our tech solution?

Talking to Tambra has been very educational for me. I understand the magnitude of her organization's efforts to reach out to her audience. Wishing her all success in this much needed endeavor! I hope to continue to extend my help that might cater to her needs.
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Raji G.


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Sep 30, 2016


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Raji G.


• Over 25 years of experience in the software industry, that includes about 12 years for the Information Management Group of Unisys Corporation, a leading worldwide IT services and solutions company, about 10 years as a Senior Business Information Systems and Educational Services consultant and U...
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What did Raji have to offer?

I have worked as a facilitator for about 10 years at the University of Phoenix. University of Phoenix is a pioneer of online learning systems promoting learner centered education for adult learners using varied learning systems and modalities. I have also experimented and evaluated learning systems out of my interest to understand how their evolution and fit for distance learning. I am very familiar with the use of social media for educational purposes as well. My learning and experience could be of help to your endeavor, hence this application.

I really enjoyed speaking with Raji who provided relevant information, key questions to consider, helpful resources. She is a valuable asset to anytime needed assistance in strategy, educational technology and global comparisons.
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Tambra S.

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