See how N. Randolph's skills helped Stilll Love on a Grant Template project.

Joanna H.

Stilll Love

To delicately assist newly bereaved families during the final arrangement process for their children

What did Joanna need?

Our startup NPO is aimed at assisting newly bereaved parents during the final arrangement process for their children. We have not been able to strategize our efforts into a form appealing to donors with the sensitive nature of our outreach and the infancy of our program. This project will help to put us on track to gain funds so that we are able to reach a community that currently does not have the resources needed to facilitate healthy healing and make informed decisions regarding the final disposition of their children.

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Oct 5, 2016


N. Randolph F.


My name is Randolph and I am a grant writer. Well... I do a bit more than write grants. I freelance administrative and writing services. I volunteer with several non-profit organizations. I actively work towards scaling my hobby into my primary business. I'm constantly learning new things...
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What did N. Randolph have to offer?

One of my best friends was deeply touched by the loss of his sister when he was just a teen. I have known him for more than 20 years now, and when I met him, it had been another ten since her birth and death. He told me how he held her and cried in the hospital with his mother, still having tears in his eyes all those years later, he told me how thankful he was for the closure. For the last several years, I have worked towards creating a bundle of services that would simplify the grant writing process for smaller and generally understaffed organizations. Having persuasive content is but part of the grant application process. But many organizations are unaware of this until they are in the process of completing an application. As many industry stalwarts have expressed, the key to minimally missed opportunity is the preparation. This is what I focus on. The development of a customizable template allows an organization to remain at ready for funding opportunities and sponsorship with limited resources.

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