See how Doseke's skills helped Kula no na Po'e Hawaii on a Volunteer Recruitment Plan project.

Leif M.

Kula no na Po'e Hawaii

Kula no na Po’e Hawai’i (KNNPH) is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that provides educational activities for members of the Hawaiian Homestead communities of Papakolea, Kewalo, and Kalawahine Streamside. KNNPH was formed in 1992 by a group of concerned community women who wanted to improve the e...
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What did Leif need?

We are looking to recruit quality professionals that will serve a great interest in being a Mentor to our students. In every persons life there is at least one role model that has influenced or shaped that individual. This project will help us recruit quality individuals that will bring their professional wisdom and investments into each our student's lives. The positive interaction that each student gains from their mentors will propel them towards success in school and society.

Matched On
Oct 7, 2016


Doseke A.


A dynamic leader and entrepreneur with over 19 years experience in start-up and management consulting within the Financial Services, Telecoms, Power, Oil & Gas, Not for Profit and Public Sectors in Nigeria, Ghana and the United States of America. A creative problem solver with an innate abilit...
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What did Doseke have to offer?

While I believe education lays a good foundation for any individual, I also believe mentorship, especially for young adults who run the risk of making decisions that could forever alter their lives. I have and continue to experience first-hand the value of having mentors, and advisers throughout my career. I believe in your practical approach and would like to work with you to ensure its continuity. I have over 16 years of work experience developing the structure, processes and systems for for-profit and on-profit organisations. I have designed and implemented HR and performance management systems and have developed frameworks for volunteer management and membership services for my non-profit clients, which defined and outlined their strategy for identifying and securing volunteers and members on an on-going basis. I have also designed and implemented recruitment systems, which outline the process, the sources of talent, the forms to use etc. I firmly believe I have the skills required to assist with this engagement.

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