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See how Candice J. helped Institute for Innovators on a Donor Recruitment Plan project

Aja K
Aja K.
Candice J
Candice J.
Matched on
May 2, 2014
Hours Given
40 Hours
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What did Institute for Innovators need?

Candice helped Institute for Innovators

Why is this project important?

The success of our organization depends upon securing funds and in-kind donations that will enable us to purchase the much needed instructional materials for at-risk kids. Without your help, we will not be able to provide educational choices for children in low-income communities who currently only have low performing schools as their only option. Your skills will enable us to help break the cycle of poverty, and provide kids a high quality education at no cost to them.

This project will save us $8,000, allowing us to build 1 science, technology, and engineering lab for 110 at-risk students.

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Aja K
Aja K.
Cause Areas
Civil Rights
Science & Technology
Institute for Innovators
Atlanta, Georgia, USA

What did Candice have to offer?

I am a nonprofit professional with over 9 years of proven success in strategic planning for fundraising and marketing activities in top public sector organizations. I also have a passion for education and enjoy supporting organizations that are working to close the opportunity divide for our most vulnerable youth.

  • Understanding of fundraising and donor recruitment strategy
  • Experience as a fundraising or development professional
Candice J
Candice J.
Scottdale, GA, USA

About Institute for Innovators

Our mission at Institute for Innovators is to create college-bound entrepreneurs and engineers who create innovative solutions to real world problems.
Fun Fact

Fun Fact

Our CEO has the cutest black and white shih tzu named Ziggy who loves to follow people around, lick their hands and sleep on their laps. Ziggy was rescued during the Chicago winter after being discarded by his previous owner, so we are glad he's in our family!

This is the 2nd project posted by Institute for Innovators.

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