See how Drew E. helped Wholesome Wave on a Salesforce Database Customization project

Amanda M
Amanda M.
FVRx Pilot Manager
Drew E
Drew E.
Matched on
Apr 23, 2014
Hours Given
110 Hours
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What did Wholesome Wave need?

Drew helped Wholesome Wave create a customized Salesforce database that allows the organization to track donors, clients, beneficiaries as well as manage and analyze large amounts of data.

Why is this project important?

Data collection and analysis is a vital component of the FVRx program and help us determine its effectiveness. Without a database to collect and house data in a streamlined and effective manner we cannot fully understand and realize the program's full potential. This project will help us better analyze the program, meet donor's expectations, attract new donors, and further efforts toward achieving a more vibrant and equitable food system for all people.

This project will save us $22,852, allowing us to provide 75 underserved individuals and their families with incentive funding to purchase fruits and vegetables.

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Amanda M
Amanda M.
FVRx Pilot Manager
Final Product
Software Set Up
Cause Areas
Health & Nutrition
Human Services
Wholesome Wave
Bridgeport, Connecticut, USA

What did Drew have to offer?

I have been working in the CRM space for roughly 15 years, the last 7 focusing on During this time I have led several SFDC deployment efforts leveraging both standard CRM and custom In my current role I manage 2 instances of SFDC (EMEA and US/Australia). My day to day consists of identifying business needs, configuration, support, training and staff development.

Database Administration
Information Technology
  • Proficiency in Salesforce
  • Experience creating and/or customization CRM platforms
  • Experience in database schema design and light coding
Drew E
Drew E.
Plainsboro, NJ, USA

About Wholesome Wave

Wholesome Wave’s mission is to empower people in underserved urban and rural communities to make healthier food choices by increasing affordability and access to fresh, locally grown food in ways that generate significant impact on local economies.

Our vision is to help lead the way in developing a more vibrant and equitable food system for everyone by fostering stronger relationships between local and regional agriculture and under-served individuals from both urban and rural communities.
Fun Fact

Fun Fact

With a chef at the helm of our organization and a staff of foodies, our potluck lunches, meetings, and office parties are the best you are going to find anywhere in the country!

This is the 1st project posted by Wholesome Wave.

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