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Bring a spark to your employees and grantees.

Catchafire can help you:

  • Create fulfilling volunteer experiences for your employees.
  • Expand the capacity of your grant portfolio.

At Catchafire, we’re passionate about ensuring that every social good organization has the opportunity to work with committed, talented volunteers in order to make progress on key strategic goals, expand operating capacity and deliver more impact.

Our unique approach enables us to create mutually beneficial, mutually productive skills-based volunteering experiences at unprecedented scale and cost-efficiency.

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Catchafire Approach

  • Software

    Catchafire brings top notch automation and a great web experience to create compelling projects and meaningful matches.

  • Methodology

    Our seamless approach guides organizations and volunteers through every step of the SBV experience.

  • Expertise

    Since inception, Catchafire has matched almost 3,000 SBV projects; we can help you create unique experiences or guide you through developing your own SBV program.

  • Service

    Our customer support and accounts teams provide thoughtful assistance for organizations and volunteers.

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We have an array of services to fulfill your needs, all designed to bring the power of skills-based volunteering to your grantees, employees and other stakeholders.

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Catchafire is a natural partner for Root Cause to help us easily access great volunteers to work with our organizations and quickly turn our recommendations and assessments across dozens of organizations into working deliverables.

Andrew Wolk

Founder and CEO
Root Cause