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Corporate Programs

Our corporate partnerships are focused on offering employees meaningful opportunities to use their skills to give back to the causes they are passionate about, while also supporting professional development, community engagement, and corporate philanthropy.

We collaborate closely with each client to design distinctive offerings that fit the organization’s adjacent corporate social responsibility and human resources initiatives, and we evolve our programs over time in pursuit of continual growth and innovation.

Catchafire’s mission is to change how individuals understand their ability to have a positive social impact. Anyone can be a changemaker for good, and through our corporate partner programs we demonstrate the immense power talented professionals have to make a difference.

It’s a new approach to employee engagement for corporate social responsibility.

Viacommunity's Talent for Good

Connecting Viacom’s talented professionals with opportunities to strengthen nonprofits in their local communities and support causes close to their hearts.

Viacommunity Talent for Good

Talent for Good, Viacom’s signature skills-based employee volunteer program, was created in partnership with Catchafire and Viacommunity, Viacom’s corporate social responsibility umbrella.

Talent for Good was officially launched in 2014 following the success of the MTV Nonprofit Makeover. Recognizing the immense power of media to engage and inform, MTV and Catchafire paired up to identify a nonprofit that had an important but difficult story to tell, and needed help bringing it to life. The results were remarkable. MTV staff created a comprehensive marketing toolkit that empowered positive storytelling around the Center for Employment Opportunities’ critical mission work. The MTV team was hooked, and as word quickly spread to colleagues who had not participated, Talent for Good was born.

Today, our program offers individual skills-based projects and consultation calls facilitated through Talent for Good’s dedicated and branded Catchafire platform, as well as live events that bring employees and nonprofit leaders together for team projects, rapid fire brainstorms, round table discussions, call-a-thons, and more.

In the Viacom spirit of innovation, we work hand-in-hand with Viacommunity to dream up and deliver creative new ways of providing tangible value to social good organizations and driving awareness and engagement. As we reflect on the program’s success and plan for the future, we are delighted to see that Talent for Good not only meets its stated goals, but also serves as an unconventional networking channel that promotes organic ideation and learning amongst employees from different disciplines and across Viacom’s iconic brands.

Talent for Good is an organic way for Viacom employees to give back to their communities — by utilizing the skill sets they bring to the table day in and day out with the opportunity to apply those skills in a different setting to an organization in the community, is a win-win situation for everyone involved. It fills a need for the organization, and helps that employee continue to sharpen that skill at the exact same time. It’s about demystifying giving back and reminding our employees that having an impact should be fun, convenient and most importantly, rewarding.
Adam R
Adam R.
Director of Viacom's Corporate Social Responsibility

It is a privilege to support Viacom in its mission to amplify its social good impact, and we are excited to grow Talent for Good to connect even more of Viacom’s creative and skilled professionals with high-impact ways to give back.

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