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Magic Cabinet is committed to reshaping philanthropy by fostering collaboration among nonprofits and philanthropic communities. Their vision is to contribute to a more equitable world through strategic partnerships and innovation.


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Magic Cabinet partnered with Catchafire to enhance capacity support for both grantees and non-grantees, particularly for small grassroots organizations, throughout the Puget Sound region in Washington and the Greater San Francisco Bay Area. Through the Catchafire platform, the Foundation has been able to broaden access to capacity-building opportunities.
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At Magic Cabinet, our collaboration with Catchafire is a testament to the belief that true equity in philanthropy is achieved through meaningful partnerships. Together, we've unlocked new pathways for nonprofits, fostering a collaborative spirit that empowers organizations, transcends barriers, and propels us toward a more just and equitable world.

Tiffany Johnson
Chief Strategy Officer, Magic Cabinet

A game changer for nonprofits
To augment existing capacity-building grants, the platform proved to be an effective tool for connecting organizations with the resources and expertise they needed.
This was crucial for organizations with limited staff. The platform became an additional resource for organizations without the capacity to get essential work done.

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Active organizations used the platform extensively–Superuser organizations, such as Sustainable Solano, had close to $60,000 in nonprofit value thanks to volunteer support on 15 projects.
In just one year, volunteers on Catchafire created over $500,000 in nonprofit value– seven times the ROI for the Foundation to date.
With plans to expand the program size in the coming year, the Foundation envisions further impact, increased cost savings, and a deeper connection with organizations striving to make a positive difference in their communities.
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I continue to be amazed that this is a free (to us) resource!  We're matching with really skilled volunteers who have helped as strategic thought partners, trainers, and technical assistance.  The conversations and projects have stretched and grown our capacity to manage, communicate, plan, and fundraise. It's incredible!

Nalani L.
Executive Director, Tacoma Area Coalition for Individuals with Disabilities

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