KPMG professionals create $290,000 in nonprofit value in one day

KPMG volunteers from all across the country recently participated in a company-wide Community Impact Day – including an initiative with Catchafire to support nonprofits and deliver community impact. 


Hours donated


Nonprofit value created

With both a virtual and an in-person option in New York City, KPMG employees teamed up alongside nonprofit leaders to brainstorm actionable strategies and solutions on a variety of nonprofit challenges.
The outcome
KPMG professionals provided real-time problem solving on topics ranging from financial challenges to marketing and donor engagement.
Within one day, 188 volunteers supported 14 nonprofits, creating over $290,000 in value!  Each professional was part of something bigger – stepping away from the workplace to lend their experience to help strengthen nonprofits and communities.
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I am so happy we collaborated with Catchafire for this event! I learned about a lot of great new nonprofits operating in our area.

KPMG Professional

What is a Rapid Fire?
Catchafire's signature event is known as a Rapid Fire – a two to three hour brainstorming session where teams of employees meet with nonprofits to work on real-life challenges.

Top nonprofit needs

Youth development
Community and economic development
Health and nutrition
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Thank you for organizing this very comprehensive event. These ideas will be a bank for us to dip into as we gradually increase our capacity. A heartfelt thanks to all of the KPMG participants in our breakout group for taking the time to listen to our story, review our website, and bring their experience and creativity to bear, providing best practices for our very small organization. We truly appreciated hearing their experiences and ideas on immediate actions we can take to achieve results.” 

Linda Stone
Executive Director, Texas Water Mission 

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