MassMutual volunteering program leaves large community impact

The MassMutual Foundation looked to Catchafire to help with their employee volunteering program, allowing their employees to give their time and talent to nonprofits of their choice.


Hours donated


Nonprofit value created

Using CSR to strengthen communities
The MassMutual Foundation partnered with Catchafire in 2021 to support employee volunteering and connect their talented employees with nonprofits. Catchafire provides custom volunteering options tailored to the skills, interests, and availability of each employee. Whether it's on their own time, or part of an organized team building event, MassMutual employees can support nonprofits on projects ranging from a one-hour consultative phone call to more extensive efforts like marketing, finance, and operations.
Our partnership gives MassMutual employees the opportunity to lend their expertise and give back to the community, as well as provide unlimited capacity-building access for more than 35 MassMutual Foundation nonprofit grantees. Since 2021, volunteers on Catchafire and MassMutual employees have donated nearly 2,100 volunteer hours and created over $500,000 in value for nonprofits through the Catchafire platform.
By enabling employees and grantees to work, learn, and thrive together, the program has strengthened the MassMutual community, boosted their employee volunteering program, and provided an avenue for their employees to live out their company values.
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Making a difference in the community means more than providing financial assistance through corporate philanthropy. Catchafire provides us with the means to connect our very talented and generous employees with specialized volunteer opportunities.

Dennis Duquette
President, The MassMutual Foundation

Top employee skills given

Leadership coaching
Graphic design
Volunteering as an employee benefit
Building robust volunteering programs is necessary in the modern workplace, especially with the global rise of Millennials and Gen Z in the workplace and consumer market. Corporate social responsibility programs that actively engage employees through workplace giving and volunteering help create a stronger emotional attachment between an employee and their workplace, resulting in a more positive commitment to their employer.
Catchafire fits with MassMutual's employee engagement and community impact efforts. Through Catchafire, employees become deeply involved with and connected to those efforts, while still tailoring their experience to their own professional development needs and priorities. Companies are searching for ways to allow employees more flexibility while still fostering a robust company culture and cultivating connection amongst coworkers. For MassMutual, Catchafire’s flexible, virtual volunteering platform, is the answer.
How MassMutual's corporate giving program supports volunteering efforts
There are two components to MassMutual's CSR program with Catchafire: MassMutual sponsors nonprofit access to the platform, where grantees gain access to high-quality, pro bono talent from around the world. In addition, MassMutual offers a generous matching time program. When an employee volunteers, MassMutual will donate $25 for each hour volunteered to eligible nonprofits.
By connecting corporate social responsibility and nonprofit needs, Catchafire and MassMutual are equipping nonprofits with the tools and expertise they need to build their capacity to serve their communities, while enabling employees to search for and complete pro bono projects with organizations around the world, from any location.
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I’m very lucky to work with an incredible team of talented designers. They were chomping at the bit to dive in, and they really did! We were excited to have an opportunity to do something outside of the box.

Kim Dinoia
Employee and Volunteer, MassMutual

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