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Quickly find and track all CRA-eligible volunteer hours

Banks are making it turnkey for their employees to improve the financial literacy and other credit needs of low and moderate income communities by volunteering on Catchafire.

Financial institutions choose us

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Meet your CRA requirement

We bridge the gap between employees, nonprofits, and philanthropic giving. Build the corporate giving program that works best for your company.

Instant engagement

You don’t have to wait for a volunteer opportunity to be created – nonprofits focused on community development and financial literacy are on-hand waiting for your employees to lend their expertise.

Board service

Our nonprofit board recruitment feature matches employees to nonprofits looking for board members. Your employees can create a long-term impact for nonprofits working with low- and moderate-income communities.

Tailored for employees

Whether your employees are remote, in-person, or hybrid, we cater to every kind of work environment. Employees can search for volunteer opportunities based on their skill set and cause areas that are CRA compliant.

Gain volunteer hours fast

It’s easy to get started – employees match in as few as three days on a one hour consultation call. They can volunteer year-round, whenever their schedules allow.

Quick onboarding

We'll get employees up and volunteering so you can begin tracking your CRA compliance quickly

Seamless reporting

Receive all the real-time data you need on your CRA activities, like volunteer hours donated, communities served, and cause areas.

What's available to your bank employees right now

Serve on the board of nonprofits
(1,300+ positions are open)
Give technical assistance to one of our 35+ nonprofits helping residents with their taxes
Volunteer with one of our 100+ nonprofits focused on youth financial education
Lend your employees to help 800+ nonprofits facilitating affordable housing

Real time reporting

We create a custom dashboard with metrics to help update your CRA application.


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volunteer hours donated


nonprofits supported

Consistently earn CRA credit, proving you’re doing good in the community.

Provide financial literacy to the next generation

Since 2020, DCU Next Generation has worked with volunteers on Catchafire on 42 projects, creating over $227,000 in nonprofit value.

Volunteers have provided project support in areas like tech systems, finance, and marketing. DCU Next Generation cultivates healthy financial literacy environments for underserved communities through early education, entrepreneurship opportunities, and engaged advocacy.

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“Catchafire is a blessing for my organization. Prior to Catchafire, it was really frustrating trying to work on multiple projects simply because the demand was not high in my region. Being able to collaborate with volunteers that shared the same desire (or understood the importance) of financial literacy really helped develop initiatives that would have otherwise never saw the light of day.”

Godfrey A.
Executive Director
DCU Next Generation

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