Give a Fire Chicago

Catchafire presents

Give a Fire Chicago

Catchafire, the largest online skills-based volunteer marketplace,
is giving away 20 membership to Chicago-based organizations!


*Apply by March 13, 2015

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What Others are saying

The benefits of Catchafire are more than I can describe. Working a short time with Catchafire's professionals saved us money; taught us new skills; opened doors to new connections; and helped me delegate in a more effective way. With coaching from Catchafire, I was able to pinpoint our needs more effectively, choose projects with maximum impact and save money while receiving help from their amazing pro bono professionals.

Becca Atkins,
Executive Director Of Artreach Inc.

In just over the six weeks School on Wheels has been using Catchafire, we've posted two projects and hired amazing volunteers with the perfect blend of expertise and non-profit understanding to move our organization forward. The service Catchafire provides has helped extend our organization's limited resources and allowed our staff to remain focused on what we do best – breaking the cycle of homelessness through education

Volunteer Manager, School on Wheels

Catchafire is great platform for finding highly skilled volunteers! They have made the process of recruiting volunteers for specific projects very easy and convenient. In fact, Catchafire's structured process of interviewing and selecting the best volunteer really formalizes the volunteer experience. As a result, we have been able to confidently entrust our volunteers with major projects. In the end, we get a high-quality deliverable and our volunteer knows that a serious impact was made. Our volunteers have taken on projects that we could not have done alone, and their help will save our organization thousands of dollars this year.

Co-Founder, Building Beats

How it works

The 20 winners will be announced in late March.


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