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Oct 19th, 2020

Increasing Student Reach with G-Suite

How a volunteer helped Mentor2Youth's programming.

Morgan McKeever
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WATCH: Catchafire interview with Darryl Johnson, Executive Director at Mentor2Youth

Before the pandemic hit, Mentor2Youth's primary program delivery was in schools and in community centers in Ypsilanti, Michigan. With a lot of those now closed, they had to shut down. However, a lot of their learning materials and resources were accessible through a computer. They quickly realized if they shifted everything online, they could keep their programs running and reach even more students than just the ones in their community. Through the help of volunteer David D., Mentor2Youth got everything setup to connect and impact more students than they had ever imagined possible.

Watch the rest of the video interview with Darryl Johnson, Executive Director at Mentor2Youth. Learn more about their programs and mission on their website

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