About Us


  • Our vision is to create a more efficient and effective social good sector, and a world where it is commonplace to serve for the greater good.


  • Our mission is to provide talented individuals with meaningful skills-based volunteer experiences in order to build capacity for social good organizations.


  • We believe all social good organizations should have access to top talent.
  • We believe all people should have the opportunity to use their talents for good.
  • We believe all people should have the opportunity to be transformed by a positive volunteer experience.
  • We foster an environment rich in reciprocity.
  • We incentivize measurable actions over good intentions.

About Catchafire

Catchafire matches professionals who want to give their skills with nonprofits and social enterprises that need their help. We match professionals and organizations based on a variety of characteristics including skills, cause interests, and time availability.

We help organizations identify their needs as short-term, discrete, and individual-based projects. Our projects are structured in this way to make it easy for professionals to help in the midst of their busy daily lives. Check out our projects here.

We’re committed to providing a transformational volunteer experience so are an invite-only community. All organizations we welcome into our community must have demonstrable impact, strong leadership and are aligned to our mission of providing a high quality volunteer experience. All organizations are required to make a financial investment to confirm their commitment to our partnership and professionals’ time. This also allows us to continue to provide high quality matches and support to our partners. Our goal is to provide a significant return on investment for our partners and save them time, money and resources in finding talented and passionate individuals who have the potential to become long term advocates. There is no investment for our professionals. Their investment is time and passion.

Catchafire is a New York City-based, for-profit social mission business and a certified B-Corporation.

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