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we are catchafire

Bridging paths to stronger communities

Catchafire’s platform sits at the intersection of philanthropy and employee engagement. Easily create and track volunteer opportunities with immediate impact – and simultaneously support nonprofits.
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Interested in volunteering? Hundreds of projects are waiting. Get started

customer stories

“In the first year alone, working with Catchafire helped us deliver over $400,000 in impact for 30 organizations. Our ROI was nearly five times more than our initial investment!”



Laura Rath
Vice President of Programs
Archstone Foundation
Before Catchafire

Desire to expand support and work around limited funding

Rising demand for nonprofit capacity support

After Catchafire


Declined grantees became grant-ready the following year

Extended the reach of their grant dollars

customer stories

“We've partnered with Catchafire to launch Skills2Give to provide employees with the opportunity to make a meaningful impact in the communities we live and work in.”


Headshot image of Jean-Michel Boers, President and Chief Operating Officer of BI USA, US Country Managing Director

Jean-Michel Boers
President and Chief Executive Officer
BI USA, US Country Managing Director
Before Catchafire

Employees wanted to volunteer virtually

Needed help organizing employee volunteer events from start to finish

Looking for a flexible, inclusive way to engage employees globally

After Catchafire

$240,000 in impact created in one day

From annual summits to giving days, they're able to add employee volunteering to any company events

Exceeded their employee engagement goals within two months of program launch

Your team won’t need to crunch any numbers

We provide real-time insights on causes that need funding, nonprofit needs, and your community impact. You’re able to track every match, project, and testimonial with on-demand reporting.


nonprofit value created


volunteer hours donated


nonprofits supported

Impact made easy

Strengthen your community and centralize your impact programs in one place.

Best in class support

Our team will work with you to tailor a program that aligns with your business goals. Our goal is to impact communities and support changemakers, and we’re with you every step of the way to do just that.

Get time back

Break free from software that doesn't save you time. Together, we'll build a program that adjusts to your strategy, and we'll get it up and running in hours.

Relationships you can trust

With over 12,000 nonprofit partners, we’ll connect you to the causes and communities you’re investing in. We’ll help you build relationships with local leaders and join a larger ecosystem of community partners working together.

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What makes Catchafire different?

  • Three solutions in one: employee volunteering, community impact, and nonprofit capacity building
  • Established relationships with nonprofits
  • Pre-scoped volunteer opportunities that make the best use of everyone's time
  • Flexible programming that works for your company's evolving strategies
  • End-to-end volunteer event support and group volunteering capabilities
  • Custom impact reporting with real-time insights
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Microvolunteering: a small step towards big impact

In just 15 minutes, you can provide nonprofits with immediate solutions and insights.

Pricing plans built for you

Contact us to launch or expand your program.

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